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Blah, blah, blah

Crap, tomorrow I go back to work :(
Works not bad, its just I love my two days at my parents doing nothing but watching TV mostly just Avatar, Naurto, and Inyusha. Checking out my Lj and myspace. Very unproductive things but its nice having nothing important to do. Just eating out with my folks is nice! But I'm always wasting my time off, sure all this relaxing helps me through the work days but I need to start being more productive.

So I'm making a new list of goals to check off!

1. Join near by gym thats open 24hrs!
( need to get in better shape, lose that belly fat)

2. Check up on Laser Hair Removal.
( theres a place in the next city)

3. Call therapist!!
( theres one guy really close!)

I already doubt that I'll get any of these things do soon, but I really need to stop wasting time and get on the move!
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