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whats going on....

Not much too new with me..

Works about the same getting alittle busier though. Black Friday was a terrible disappointment, not busy what so ever, got worked up over nothing. But as of late we have been picking up in business.

Work blew yesterday, had the drop-ies all day.

Got a copy of gameinformer today, so many games I want to play but not enough time.

Been reading(!?) more than anything lately ( besides work). Got near the end of Grandia 3 and quite, I just don't like ending a good story or something I've put alot of time into.

So I've been reading "The Lord of the Rings" or trying to finish it more accurately. When the movies came out I bought the books and got about five chapters from the end of "The Two Towers" and quiet. Now I'm nearing the half of "The Return of King". Its so good I love medieval tales!! Just so awesome. I rented "The Hobbit" cartoon, hadn't seen it since I was ten. Was an awesome movie when I was young, but seems so kiddy fid mow hehe.

Hopefully by the end of the month I'll get cable and internet, since my room mate has a good job now and can help out with the bills. Will be so glad to watch Adult swim every night and have Lj and myspace at my disposal. Hopefully things will aid in my transition and self entertainment!
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