April Ann Anna (jonnytwojonnie) wrote,
April Ann Anna

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Over Worked...

Been working to jobs for far too long, the way my crappy work schedule is set up, I work seven days aweek and its gettin old real quick!

Thinking about quitting my day job, cause I hate it!!

I'm tired of dealing with the same stupid customers asking the same dump questions everyday, every week, month its just all the same I hate it! Don't feel very appreciated there either. I'm always left upfront by myself and it feels like no one wants help me and just let me do most of the work. But I do love the people I work with and the extra $cash$. But its really not that much extra cash.

I just need more time for me, so I can focus on the rest of my nonworking life. I'll eventually need more money for my transition, but thats not an immediate need.

I hope this time off will give me more time to think about my life and get things in motion!
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