April Ann Anna (jonnytwojonnie) wrote,
April Ann Anna

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Fuck Yeah! Its My Birthday! Bitch!

Ever since I was to old to get toys for my birthday, they have blown ass! Usualy some one will die or I work or something gets broken like friendships, families, and cars.

Well I ain't letting this birthday suck balls!!

I'm gonna do stuff, cool shit! Like hangout with my friends hell will go out to eat! Fuck might even watch the pirate movie! I'm only running on 4 hours of sleep and I've been up since 7:40am and I'm doing laundry now, should be in bed by 5ish after taking a shower, then its fun fun fun!! I'm gonna wake up at 9 too, time don't wait for me so I won't wait for it! I gonna have fun this birthday even if it kills, even though its against the laws of the universe, I WILL ENJOY THIS DAY ON EARTH!!

I so tired of the same old shit! I quit my second job cause I made no money there, almost quit my main job which would have been bad!!

Feels like I'm stuck in a hole, though this one seems more physical than emotional ( and I'm not referring to the whole trans issue).

I hate my job, my apartment, my car, my lifes headed no where and I want that to change Today!!
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