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things I can't let go

April Ann Anna
Hi I'm Jonnie Well not yet "technically"
I am transgendered, yeah mtf, Male-to Female; non-op, that means I want to be a girl but keep my "you know what" it don't bother me that bad so I plan to keep it!

While I am very girly and like to be all cute and stuff, I've had to live my first 20yrs as a guy so I have a very bitter side and can be a bitch, but I'm trying to work on that. I still like a lot of guy stuff or stereotype guy stuff like video games, guns, swords, etc... So maybe I'm alittle tomboyish, but I'm mostly girly girl!

I have a very sarcastic humor and can sound rude and hateful at times, but all my Best Friends are Guys and that’s just how we are. And I cuss sometimes too so I've decide no one under 18yrs should probably read my LJ do to cussing and Trans topic's, but that’s just my opinion.

I am also Christian first and trans second, so I don't justify my ways, I wish I wasn't trans, but I'm cursed this way for a reason I guess?? I plan to trust in Jesus to guide me all the way till he decides to take me home.

A little more on me I like Anime and Metal \m/ whoot! If you didn't notice from my interests :p

Till I figure out where I'm heading with this whole trans thing, I don't know what to do?
Friend me if you like, but leave a comment first.
All for now
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